Question by teachers/principals seeking to submit/implement zero-investment ideas.
How can I attend ZIIEI Training?
For attending the ZIIEI training, kindly stay in touch with your District/Block Education Officer. The information about dates and locations of ZIIEI trainings to be held at district/block level will be sent to you/your school through a formal letter by the district/block education officer.
Can I participate in ZIIEI or share my innovative ideas with ZIIEI?
Yes, you can participate in ZIIEI if you are:
  1. A government school teacher,
  2. Practicing innovative teaching techniques (which require zero monetary investment) to improve the quality of education in your school,
  3. Ready to share your idea with teachers of other blocks/districts/states.
What is the last date for submitting an idea for ZIIEI?
There is no last date of submitting ideas.
How can I send my idea to ZIIEI?
If you have an innovative idea to improve the quality of education in your classroom/school/community, please send it to us by completing the combined FORM 1&2 (download form) and submitting to:
  1. The ZIIEI trainer by hand, during the training
  2. Office of District Education Officer
  3. Office of Block Education Officer
  4. By courier to Sri Aurobindo Society, Rupantar Office, 1201, Sector-5, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad – 201012
You may also fill and submit the form only, at this link
How can I submit my innovative idea form online?
For submitting your innovative idea online, please follow these steps:
  1. Click on the link
  2. Fill the form carefully with correct and true information.
  3. Click submit.
If your idea is selected for publishing in the ZIIEI Innovations Handbook, you will be informed via phone/whatsapp/email by ZIIEI team.
I want to know some examples of zero-investment innovations.
There can be many ways of improving education quality in a small or big way, with zero or least possible monetary expenses. A few examples are given below, however these are only indicative:
  1. Any modification in an administrative process.
  2. Painting school wall/walls creatively to teach Hindi alphabets.
  3. A different approach to handle difficult students.
  4. Teaching Mathematics using engaging and simple games such as Tambola.
  5. Teaching English language phonic sounds through movie songs.
  6. Various competitions to increase girl students enrolment.
  7. Using mobile phone cameras to record and save contact and address proof of parents.
  8. Appointing students as buddies/working companions for special needs students.
  9. A special morning assembly for teachers to motivate them.
See innovations by teachers featured on ZIIEI:
How can I ensure that my innovation is selected by ZIIEI?
An innovation with high chances of being selected for implementation in other schools will be one that:
  1. Improves outdated or inefficient structures and processes.
  2. Utilises existing resources within the school or community.
  3. Requires nil or least possible monetary investment for implementation in a school.
  4. Has been in use successfully since the implementation for a considerable time.
  5. You have a thorough proof of concept and idea implementation, with supporting photographs.
  6. The number of stakeholders involved in implementation.
  7. Address one or more of these 8 areas in education:
    1. Improves learning outcomes and decreases learning gaps
    2. Enhances focus on girl child education
    3. Creating inclusive environment for children with special needs
    4. Increases involvement of parents/ guardians in child’s education
    5. Improves student enrolment/attendance and reduces dropout rate
    6. Inculcates deeper human values in teaching and learning
    7. Developes enquiry-led self-learning environment
    8. Improves motivation levels among teachers
Can I submit an idea that has not been implemented anywhere?
In ZIIEI, only those ideas are accepted which have been or are being implemented in a school or classroom.
Can I submit an idea on a student’s behalf?
ZIIEI is a platform to bring innovative ideas of teachers to the forefront. However, collaborative ideas of a teacher and student can be submitted, provided that you have worked with the student in formulating and implementing the innovation.
Can I submit more than one idea?
You can submit as many innovative ideas as possible. You have to fill separate forms for each innovation. Please ensure that your personal and school details are filled correctly and are same in all the forms.
Which working area of the school/education should I improve?
ZIIEI does not restrict a teacher to any particular aspect of education. You may come up with an idea to improve almost any and every area of work in a school. Some examples are mentioned below for inspiration:
  1. Scholastic processes - Curriculum Planning, Teaching methods, Performance Assessment
  2. Co-scholastic Processes and Outcomes - Career counselling, Extra-curricular activities, Inculcating Values
  3. Infrastructure - Classrooms, girl’s toilets, Sanitation, provisions for differently-abled students
  4. Education Stakeholders - Teaching staff, Parents, Alumni, Students, Administrative Staff, Alumni, Community
  5. Management & Administration - Process of Accreditation and Certification, Effective Coordination within the school, Relationship Management (staff, parents, community, alumni etc.)
  6. Leadership - Vision and Mission Statement, Quality and Change Management, Scholastic Leadership, Innovative practices
Which documents do I need to submit as an individual innovator?
The following documents must be submitted to complete your application as an individual innovator:
  1. Registration Form filled with true and correct details.
  2. Idea Submission Form along with proof of concept and implementation such as photographs, feedback forms etc.
  3. Any other document/particulars that ZIIEI team asks for.
Please ensure to submit the required documents in specified time.
What is the composition of ZIIEI Jury?
The ZIIEI Jury comprises of a team of education experts and policymakers who will review the ideas submitted by the participants and select top innovative ideas.
I am innovator, what happens when my idea is selected?
When an idea is selected, the innovator teacher is informed through phone call/whatsapp/ email. If your idea gets selected, then:
  1. You are invited to participate in an intensive week-long training, organised for you to work with other selected innovators and refine your idea and document it as a case study.
  2. The case study is developed in such a way that it can be replicated in other schools and lead to improvement in quality of education.
  3. In addition, you will receive presentation skills and personality development training also.
  4. The case study of your idea will be published in the ZIIEI Innovations Handbook. This book will be circulated to all the government schools across the state and other. Any school may refer to this book and choose to implement your idea. The more the number of schools that choose your idea, the more your chances of you becoming the top ZIIEI innovator.
Who will bear the expense of my ZIIEI training if my idea is selected?
The expense of your training, (including travel, boarding, lodging and food) will be borne by the ZIIEI Team and/or by the State Education Department.
Will I get a monetary reward if my idea gets selected?
ZIIEI is a platform for teachers to share their ideas, and empower thousands of other teachers/schools to improve the quality of education. These ideas are based on zero monetary investment, and we encourage teachers to be motivated intrinsically to contribute to education transformation, rather than for the sake of a reward. ZIIEI hence does not promise any monetary reward for the innovators, however, the state may choose to award a monetary sum for further propagation of the innovation.
Will I receive a participation certificate after attending ZIIEI training?
Yes, you will receive a certificate for attending the workshop for finalists, and also a certificate of honor at the Annual ZIIEI Conference.
I am a school principal. I want to implement one or more idea/ideas from ZIIEI Innovations Handbook, what should I do?
Depending upon the problem/area of work/available resources you can choose the innovation(s) from ZIIEI Innovations Handbook to implement in your school.
  1. Identify the problem you want to solve in your school.
  2. Select a zero-investment innovation from ZIIEI Innovations Handbook or on this link ( Videos of how innovations can be implemented are available here on YouTube.
  3. Complete idea implementations form (FORM 3) and click submit.
  4. For any queries, write to, or send by courier to Sri Aurobindo Society, Rupantar Office, 1201, Sector-5, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad – 201012
I am a school principal, I don't know whom should I contact if I face any difficulty/ ambiguity while implementing the innovative ideas in the school?
In case you face any difficulty/ambiguity while implementing the innovation in your school, you can choose from the following options:
  1. Visit Innovations page and YouTube channel for more information to start using ZIIEI innovations in your schools.
  2. Contact Block Education Officer
  3. Contact District Education Officer
  4. Send query by courier to Sri Aurobindo Society, Rupantar Office, 1201, Sector-5, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad – 201012 or write to us at
As a school principal, how can I ensure effective implementation of any innovative idea in the school?
For effective implementation of any innovative idea/ideas, please follow the steps:
  1. Refer to ZIIEI Innovations Handbook to understand the use of the innovation.
  2. Encourage teachers to discuss the innovative ideas with their colleagues, students and/or community members.
  3. Engage parents/guardians in the implementation of these simple innovations.
  4. Support teachers in developing teaching-learning materials (TLMs).
  5. Create a timetable for use of the innovative idea (TLM or game) in classrooms as part of your syllabus throughout the year.
  6. Attend ZIIEI Exhibitions organised by ZIIEI team in coordination with state education department. You get a chance to interact with other teachers/principals/ education officers, which in turn helps in effective implementation of innovation(s) in the school.
I am a school principal, I have implemented innovations in my school, what steps should I take further?
Once you have implemented the innovation(s) at your school, you should submit the Implementation form (FORM 3) via courier or online:
  1. To submit the form via courier:
    1. Please download the Implementation Form at
    2. Fill all the information correctly, in bold capital letters.
    3. Send the hard copy by courier to Sri Aurobindo Society, Rupantar Office, 1201, Sector-5, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad – 201012
  2. To submit the implementation form online:
    1. Visit
    2. Submit the form with correct and true details.
Please ensure that you send/submit photographs/feedback and other proofs of implementation along with the form.
How can I attend ZIIEI Exhibition?
For attending the ZIIEI Exhibition, kindly stay in touch with your District/Block Education Officer. The information about dates and locations of ZIIEI exhibitions to be held at district/block level will be sent to you/your school through a formal letter by the district/block education officer.
If this document has not answered your questions, we request you to write to: Email:
Post/Courier: ZIIEI Query, Sri Aurobindo Society Rupantar Office, 1201, Sector 5, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad 201012