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With this innovation, children have become conscious about the day-to-day happenings in school and outside

Arunima Pradhan, a primary school teacher in West Sikkim, has always been very proactive in finding out new ways of teaching and making the learning process for students more engaging and interesting.

For, she says, books get very boring and monotonous especially for the primary school students as they get easily distracted.

Younger students need some activity while studying to keep them involved and increase their curiosity about a particular subject or topic. When they ask questions, this means they like it,” Arunima said

When Pradhan was asked to attend the ZIIEI training in February 2018, she had her apprehensions of it being a regular teachers’ training program but her outlook toward the teaching process changed after she took part in the program.

honouring students during the morning assembly

“The training is beneficial for teachers as well as students. I came to know about a lot of innovative methods that could be used to improve the quality of education in school and learning outcomes in students,” she said.

Pradhan said that she was always concerned about making her students conscious about the happenings but “I was not sure how to do it.”

She said that the ZIIEI innovation of introducing the Children’s Newspapers during the morning assembly solved the purpose of what she had always wanting to do.

Children’s Newspaper which is prepared by the students include in it topics such as mid-day meals, student attendance,teacher-attendance, sports activities and teaching quality.

“I have gone a step ahead and even added the day-to-day news of the country and the world in the newspaper,” she added.

Pradhan said that students feel happy to read the newspaper and they have gained a lot of confidence while speaking publicly.

“It is a way of making the children aware of their surroundings and they also get a chance to showcase their creativity while preparing the daily news,” she said.