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This ZIIEI innovation has helped teacher Anuradha curb the mischief of some of the naughty students in her school

Tired of regular fights of children in her school over trivial issues, Science teacher Anuradha of Upgraded Government Higher Primary School in Gourampete in Raichur district of Karnataka found a way to put a check on them and encourage students to respect each other.

Through the daily children’s newspaper, she is not only able to curb the petty fights among students on issues as small as sharing of seats or lunch but has also been successful in developing a regular reading and writing habit among them.

The Children’s newspaper is one of the ZIIEI methods that registers and reflects on the activities of students on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. It also comprises of students’ self-composed writings that helps in improving their writing skills beyond imagination.

This is an innovation where students get an opportunity to improve their reading, writing and their expression becomes more confident. After attending the ZIIEI teacher orientation program in June 2018, she thought of implementing the idea in her school.Apart from the news, “I decided to include the names of those who indulge in fights with other students so that their names are being read out loud in the class and they restrain from doing it again,” Anuradha said

Explaining about the method, Anuradha said that she has appointed students as reporters- one reporter each for 5th-8th class. The reporters collect the day’s news of what happened in their respective class and the school and compiles it on a sheet of paper in their own creative way.

He/she then reads the news out loud in the class so that everybody becomes aware of the day’s activities.

“Children love posing as reporters and news anchors and if given a chance to be in the latter’s shoes,they excel and bring out their creativity and confidence to the best of their capability,” Anuradha said

Anuradha said that children have stopped getting into trivial fights as they fear of getting embarrassed in front of the whole class when their name is pronounced out loud. It has also helped build harmony among students. She said that she has been implementing this method since July and there has been a considerable improvement in the reading, writing skills and awareness level of students.

“Children’s cooperation in this activity is very good. They are eager to share news and report,” she added.

ZIIEI was launched in Karnataka in April 2018. About 12,613 teachers across 6 districts of the state have received training as of June 30, 2018.

Of the total teachers, 76 per cent of the registered teachers (i.e. 9,283) have developed their own zero investment ideas and shared with the ZIIEI team.

Altogether 87 per cent registered teachers (i.e. 10,608) of Karnataka have adopted the Zero Investment Innovations.

Bellary and Koppal have been identified as the best performing districts of the state in terms of ideas developed and implemented by teachers.