Innovative Pathshaala

“Innovative Pathshaala is a series of innovative tools for primary teaching, applicable to any grade, multi-grade and inclusive classrooms. Each book is a repository of activity-based and experiential teaching methods based on zero-investment innovations published in the ZIIEI Innovations Handbook (Navachar Pustika).Mapped with the state board’s syllabus, Innovative Pathshaala aims to help teachers as an everyday classroom companion for achieving better learning outcomes. This project by Sri Aurobindo Society is part of Zero Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives (ZIIEI) that recognises and scales up zero-investment innovations by teachers, and is supported by HDFC Bank. Please visit

Pathshaala Bani Gyanshaala

  • » Inculcate deeper human values, and nurture happy, confident human beings.
  • » Reduce learning gaps.
  • » Enhance girl education.
  • » Enable inclusion of children with special needs.
  • » Create enquiry-led self-learning environment.
  • » Increase parents’ involvement.
  • » Improve student enrolment and reduce drop-out rate
  • » Equip teachers to deliver high quality education