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teacher cutting the cake with his students

A government school teacher, Venkateswaran, is dedicated to bring a positive change in students through this ZIIEI innovation

A dedicated teacher adopts a holistic approach to teaching and focuses on the all round development of children. He/she makes sure that a student is not only able to perform in the class but can also conduct himself confidently in the outside world.

One such example is Venkateswaran, a teacher of the Government Higher Senior Secondary School in Thippampalayam village in Erode district of the state. The teacher, who has been part of the teaching fraternity for the last 15 years, said that he wants his students to develop knowledge and good values and succeed in professional as well as personal life.

He started implementing children’s parliament- a zero investment innovation- soon after he attended the teacher orientation program of Sri Aurobindo Society’s Zero Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives (ZIIEI) in June 2018.

“We had the first meeting of the cabinet in July and would be having the next one in the coming month. The children’s parliament has different departments, including health and hygiene, discipline and sports,” Venkateswaran saidHe said that he had heard of this type of method but was not aware of how to implement it in the school until a ZIIEI instructor came and demonstrated the whole process for them.The teacher said that he has been experiencing change in students in this short span of time.

“Students are more confident now, they have started expressing themselves and some are even able to bring out their leadership skills. Another benefit of this innovation is that children listen more carefully to their fellow mates than teachers, building harmony among students,”Venkateswaran said