Deepti Dixit: Implementing ZIIEI innovative ideas in school

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The primary school of Kharghani village (UP) is a treat to the eyes. The walls are painted with alphabets, numbers and stories, the playground is clean and tidy, and classrooms are full of cheerful students. All thanks to Deepti Dixit, a teacher of this school, and a ZIIEI innovator, who is making dedicated and diligent efforts to create a holistic learning environment. Her remarkable ideas, though simple in their implementation, are inspired by Zero Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives (ZIIEI). She attended one of the training sessions conducted by ZIIEI in her area in June, and that inspired her to be innovative in her teaching.

Zero-Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives (ZIIEI), is one of the largest-ever initiatives to facilitate wide-scale, systematic implementation of grassroot innovations in the education system. The innovations are designed to improve existing systems and processes at zero or minimal cost. Our Bank in association with the Sri Aurobindo Society is taking ZIIEI to villages in UP, with plans to take it pan-India. So far approximately 11 lakh teachers have been oriented.

“I have been trying to implement some innovative ideas to teach my students, but those ideas needed to be streamlined. I learnt many new things at ZIIEI training and it has helped me streamline my efforts. It improved my teaching skills, time management, co-ordination with students and education officers. I also realised that my job is not just to teach children, but to equip them for their future lives”, she says.

She thanks ZIIEI for the training, which has helped her improve her teaching techniques. There has been higher participation of children and lower dropout rates in her school. The school has become a model of good education in her village, and she is definitely proud of it.