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ZIIEI promotes and supports the experiential teaching environment through ‘Innovative Pathshaala’. A series of books, ‘Innovative Pathshaala’, inculcates experiential learning in the existing state board curriculum. Every chapter of the state syllabus has been re-written to incorporate the zero-investment ideas by teachers of the state that provides options to teach one single topic through ten different activities.
‘ZIIEI Innovative Pathshaala App’ is a digital leap of Innovative Pathshaala. This free learning (android) App is a one-stop junction for subject-specific teaching tools mapped with all educational boards like C.B.S.E, I.C.S.E, Uttar Pradesh board, MP Board and many more. Teachers have access to innovative and experiential learning concepts, based on the existing school curriculum, applicable to any grade, multi-grade, and inclusive classrooms.