Case Studies

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Customising innovation to suit children’s needs

Drawings are combined with suitable dialogues and sentences to make learning an effective process for students.However, Kumar modified the innovation to suit his students’ needs
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Learning becomes easy with tyre tubes and egg shells

innovations like children’s parliament, holistic development through art and craft and daily newspaper can be incorporated in the routine teaching methods for effective results in the school
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Students own up responsibility for irregularity in school

Government school teacher Shashi Bala has devised a novel way of making students accountable for attending school on a regular basis
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Keeping a check on students’ petty fights

Through the daily children’s newspaper, she is not only able to curb the petty fights among students on issues as small as sharing of seats or lunch but has also been successful in developing a regular reading and writing habit among them.
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Bringing children closer to education

Najar introduced one of the innovation- New Age Teaching Techniques- in his teaching method and shifted the usual quantitative approach to qualitative one.
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Students learn to keep textbooks and copies clean and tidy

Jitendra Ranjana, a teacher in the Government Primary School in Kadoch village of Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh, was for long facing a very unusual problem. Most of the students carried damaged, torn books with missing pages and some of them even lost or misplaced them or used to forget to bring them to school.
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Developing Leadership

The concept of Children’s Parliament focuses on overall development of children wherein they not only” improve their learning outcomes in the class but also develop a sense of responsibility and harmony