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With ZIIEI Innovations, government school teacher Ghulam Rasool Najar has shifted the
foucus from quantity to quality education

A shift from theoretical to practical teaching has done wonders for Ghulam Rasool Najar, a teacher of Government Middle School in Sumbal town of Baramulla district in Jammu and Kashmir.

Najar has through a small zero investment innovation been able to make studies interesting for students and arouse their curiosity in the school curriculum, resulting in a significant improvement in their learning outcomes.

The teacher became the face of change in his school after he attended the teacher orientation programme of Sri Aurobindo Society’s Zero Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives (ZIIEI) in April 2018 wherein teachers were briefed about the 11 zero investment innovations invented by teachers.

Appreciating the ZIIEI program, Najar said that such initiatives help in changing the perception about government schools and teachers.

“If the innovations are implemented by teachers in each and every school, there will definitely be positive results, be it in teaching, learning or the overall performance of the school,” he said.

Najar introduced one of the innovation- New Age Teaching Techniques- in his teaching method and shifted the usual quantitative approach to qualitative one.

“I took my students outside the class and taught them about different plants. I let them see, touch and enquire about the different types of plants. It was so heartening to see that the next day when I asked them about it, each and every student knew the name and type of plants they were taught. It is all because they enjoyed the experience outside,” Ghulam Rasool Najar said

Najar, who teaches standard 5, 6 and 7, said that earlier students did not take much interest in studies as the routine lessons and teaching were boring

“Now with a little change, I have been able to arouse the curiosity of students in studies,”Ghulam said

He also makes students stand in the order of different planets in the universe to make them understand and learn the topic easily.

He says that children remain in playful mood while learning such complex topics and it generates their interest in studies.

“Teachers will have to take charge if they want to bring about a change in the education system of the state. Our
small efforts will help lead the students toward a successful life,” he added