8 ways to improve daily attendance in classroom

Team Digital
Punctuality and regularity are the two fundamentals of a successful career. Teachers are the foundation stones of a child’s future. Therefore, they take up responsibility of guiding the students on the correct path in order to live a prosperous life ahead. Attendance in school is synonymous to achieve better academic...
16 November 2019

5 Innovative Teaching Strategies to Build an Engaging Classroom

Team Digital
What is a classroom? A classroom is a room full of students from different cultural backgrounds, different mental caliber and academic abilities. Therefore, it may become difficult for a teacher to have a 100% ATTENTIVE class. When a student says ‘it’s a boring classroom’, the onus is obviously on the...
17 October 2019

Innovative Teaching Strategies For Teachers

Team Digital
Teaching is a medium to impart knowledge. From time immemorial, teachers have been working hard towards inculcating skills and subject knowledge in their students. However, in the current times' traditional approach to teaching is constantly being replaced by innovative methods of fostering an engaging learning environment in classrooms. Now, one...
10 October 2019