A teacher’s concern for proper hygiene of his students

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Radheshyam Thakur took a cue from ZIIEI innovations and is committed to improve the hygiene of his students
For Radheshyam Thakur, a teacher at the Government Primary school in Bihiya block of Bihar, hygiene of his students has been of paramount concern.“Our school is in a Dalit slum and most students are from that area. The problem is that they have a very low hygiene level and do not bathe regularly,” he said.

Thakur said that the school authorities used to make the students bath in school so that next time they come clean and properly dressed up but “that did not work out.”

However, after attending the orientation program of Sri Aurobindo Society’s Zero Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives (ZIIEI) in June 2018, Thakur is willing to take a different approach to the situation through community participation.

Community participation is one of the 11 ZIIEI innovations that involve parents and community members in school activities through group interactions and community awareness programmes.

He said that he would make the parents and community aware about the need for self cleanliness through dialogue and also by organising awareness rallies for the same.

Thakur has also been making efforts to make the learning process for students easy and engaging by incorporating games in studies.

He makes his students take the shape of a numerical, alphabet or a round or square to make them understand better.

“This way the students are able to memorize numbers and alphabets properly and they enjoy studies as the activity is done in a playful manner,” he said.