Teacher Innovation Award Teacher Innovation Award

Zero Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives (ZIIEI)

For the Teachers, By the Teachers

150 million students. 5 million teacher. And just 1 million government schools. Are we ready to face the future? Beyond policies and schemes, systems are built upon people. It is the power of the people that can change the game.
Teachers are the pillars of this nation, and their contribution – if recognised and supported – can bring about a significant improvement in the quality and reach of education. Every year, ZIIEI finds the most effective zero-investment solutions by teachers and scales them up to millions of schools.

Making it Right

Appreciation for ZIIEI

ZIIEI Footprint

  • 14.5 Lacs Teachers oriented for innovation in education.
  • 7.5 Lacs Government school teachers adopted zero-investment innovations.
  • 6 Lacs Teachers implementing ZIIEI innovations in their classrooms.
  • 22 States Implementing ZIIEI in 2018-19
Data as on 30th Sep 2018



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